Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Up Close and Chickenal, Part I

We decided to spend quality time with some of our chickens yesterday. We wanted to be with the chickens we didn't really pay attention to normally. The first one we chose was easy. She is the only pullet so far with a well-developed comb.

We're not sure what kind of chicken she is yet. We'll have to wait a little longer to identify her. Our guess right now is Golden Campine. What we can say about her for sure now is that, though she wasn't happy about being taken out of her enclosure, she calmed down quickly once handled for only a few short minutes.

She sat on Trustin's crotch lap placidly:

She also obliged us by letting us take some close-ups of her gorgeous self. Profile of her new comb:

Full frontal comb shot:

Close-up of feathers:

Her reptilian feet:

My personal favorite:

To be continued...


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