Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Green Eggs and Ann

We visited Ann recently. By "we" I mean TAC (my Talented Adjunct Crafter) and I. While we were there, we gave her the pillowcase skirt I made her. She obliged us by modeling it with TAC.

Then, her daughter Rachel modeled it, too.

I think it looks terrific on both of them.

While we were there, we relaxed quite a bit. Ann and I picked herbs from her garden and I made us some green eggs with them.

Okay, so they're really not that green, but I felt they were "earthy" enough to call them so 'cause they were made with homegrown garden herbs.

We later relaxed on the deck.

Ann's place is surrounded by ancient oak trees. To get from the house to the stream nearby, you need to go down the deck stairs,

cross the bridge,

and walk through those old trees.

The stream is just on the other side.

Nothing but utter peace.


Blogger Aletazul said...

looks a lot like louisiana, the scenery...cuando me vas a hacer a mi unas falditas pritys?...en serio.

6:45 PM  

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