Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Pillowcase Skirt

I made my first pillowcase skirt last week.

First I cut off about six inches from the sewn end (not the open end). I cut this piece open and into strips which I sewed together and made the cord out of. I had to fold the resulting long strip about 5-6 times to get it to be the right size for a cord, and then I sewed it shut.

I struggled with the sewing machine's buttonholer and finally got two buttonholes done on *one* layer of the skirt. I'd accidentally done them through two layers and found to my chagrin that that wasn't going to work. :)

I folded the top down and topstitched it to make a casing for the cord. Drew the cord through the casing and, voila!

Here is the finished result from the front:

And a 3/4, kinda side view:

The drawstring is very long, so long that when I wear it I tie it around my waist twice and tie it in a knot in front. Provides a nice belted look. (Also, it covers up the buttonholes I mistakenly made through two layers on the other side. Shhhhh.) Wanted to show the cord in the pictures, though, so I tied it in a bow in front.


Blogger Cat said...

Jsut wanted to say hi and tell you again that I think it looks like a fab skirt! :)

6:09 PM  

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