Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Araucana's Sink

Our lovely Araucana had been cannibalized a little by her peers while living in the upstairs bathroom, so we stuck her in our downstairs bathroom. The coop hadn't been finished yet, so we really had no other place to put her.

After she was finally transferred to the outdoors, we were left to contend with the disaster she'd left our bathroom in.

I'll spare you the grisly shambles of the rest of the bathroom, but I will share with you a picture of the aftermath of the sink:

That is the result of one chicken, working alone, for only a few days. And that's only the sink. You haven't seen the rest of the bathroom, and I'm not showing it to you.

To tackle this problem, I needed to get out the cleaning stuff:

Clockwise from left: Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil Castille Soap, roll of paper towels, purple spray bottle filled with water, clear spray bottle filled with a mixture of Dr. Bronner's soap + water, blue rag, gloves.

Apparently Dr. Bronner's soap is so mild some people use it to brush their teeth with.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Baking soda. In a shaker container. I keep it in the fridge when I'm not using it to clean up chicken shit.

After much cursing, scrubbing, gritting of teeth, and several unpleasantly grime-filled hours, the sink, and the rest of the bathroom, looked something like this:

We haven't contracted Salmonella or any other chicken-feces-related ailments yet, even though no bleach or harsh cleaning products were used. Hmm...


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