Sunday, March 13, 2005

Stream-of-Consciousness Ice Cream

Want to make ice cream. What flavor? What flavor? I know. Mango. No, no. I have pears. Pears that will go bad if they're not consumed soon. Need to include the pears. But the mangos are soft too.

Mango-pear ice cream, then.

Or should it be a sorbet? Let's see, sorbet recipes call for...

Corn syrup? Ugh.

NOT making sorbet. Of any flavor. Not consuming corn syrup.

Look at recipe for strawberry ice cream. Okay, calls for a pint of strawberries.

How much is a pint? Two cups.

Two cups, okay I think I have that much fruit.

Peel and cut pears, stick in measuring cup. Peel mango and commence cutting. Realize I have more than two cups of fruit. Press onward anyway.

Recipe calls for two cups heavy cream and one cup whole milk. Have neither.

Decide to substitute half and half for both whole milk and heavy cream. Decide amount should be two cups total, accounting for the excess of fruitage.

Recipe calls for macerating fruit in one-third cup sugar and three tablespoons lemon juice for two hours. Don't have lemon juice. Have orange juice. Will use evaporated cane juice instead of sugar.

Pour unknown, but small, amount of orange juice directly in bowl of cut-up fruit.

Doh! Realize I should have mixed in evaporated cane juice first.

Measure small amount of orange juice in measuring cup. Add evaporated cane juice and stir. Pour in bowl of cut-up fruit.

"Macerate" for a total of thirty seconds before becoming bored.

Pull out blender.

Macerate this.

Measure one cup half and half:

Whisk in 1/3 cup evaporated cane juice:

Top up with more half and half to two cups:

Pour sweetened half and half into blended fruit:


Stick pitcher in fridge to chill for thirty minutes. It worked with the chocolate ice cream.

Stare at fridge and wonder why there's a Coke in the back. We don't drink Coke.

Close fridge. Check inbox at Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. Notice zero new messages in each. Become despondent.

Listen to Sister meowing. Realize she is in heat. Experience despondent feeling dissolve instantly upon gazing at her cuteness.

Thirty minutes up. Grab pitcher from fridge and dump contents into ice cream maker. Turn ice cream maker on and set timer for another thirty minutes.

Start watching George Romero's Knight Riders. Think of nothing except how long movie is and if ice cream will turn out okay with only half and half.

Hear timer ding!

Spoon ice cream into container.

Listen with glee as boyfriend licks spoon and says, "Luscious, fruity, creamy goodness."

Stick in freezer to ripen.

Reflect on recipe.

Retrospective ingredients:

2 cups organic pear, peeled and cubed
1 large organic mango, peeled and cut into pieces
2 cups organic half and half
2/3 cups evaporated cane juice, divided
tiny splash of organic orange juice (about 1/4 cup)


Blogger Cat said...

Wow -- sounds yummy!

My pear sorbet is very plain.

I stick pears canned in juice into the freezer. Can and all. When frozen, I run under hot water in sink to loosen, dump contents out, hack into chunks. then blender chunks into smoothy sorbet. Ta da! :)

2:50 AM  

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