Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mothers' Day

I have an addiction. I read infertility blogs. It's not so much that the subject of infertility is fascinating or that I like reading blogs so much. It's that the women who are writing them are willing to be so open about themselves regarding something so very personal and painful. I don't know that I would have the same strength in their position. Heck, I don't yet know with any guarantee that I won't be in their position because I haven't really tried to find out whether I can have a baby or not. After reading so many blogs, I realize nothing is impossible. I am not immune from infertility.

I made a silly doodle for my mom for today, Mothers' Day. I didn't finish it in time for it to get to her today, so Trustin scanned it for me and made it into a jpeg file. I emailed it to her, and then I thought about all the other mothers out there who aren't getting a silly doodle. Mothers who, for whatever reason, didn't get to keep or have their children, either by miscarriage, stillbirth, child death, abortion, adoption, or by never having the opportunity to officially have the title of Mother at all. Mothers-at-heart, with all the varying degrees and shades of gray, who also deserve their day.

At the risk of being publicly ridiculed and burned at the stake (not only for my artistic disability, but also for mentioning "abortion" in the same sentence as, well, all the other words it was paired up with), I share my silly doodle for ALL mothers:

Happy Mothers' Day. To all of you.


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Cute card. :)

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